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FAX:   (+359 62) 645 997

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  • The experience and traditions accumulated as a result of the more than 90-year long activity in the field of professional production of knifes, cutlery, dining sets and other cutting instruments, as well as the constant strive towards introducing new ideas, new materials and new combinations between design and functionality are a prerequisite and guarantee for the long-term prosperity of Terna Knife Factory – 1923 Inc.
  • The varied product list, modern design and competitive prices impose Terna as the preferred partner both in the country and abroad.
  • The technological and tool equipment provided by the German enterprises ZIPMAN, TAUS and BERGER, the utilization of high-quality blade steel and chrome steels coupled with production inputs from the German enterprises LANGSOL GmbH, C. HILZINGER-THUM GmbH, LIPPERT-UNIPOL GmbH and HERMES SCHLEIFMITTEL GmbH, Austria, warrant production high-quality, which is fully compatible with international standards.

Butcher's Knife Line 1010. Handles: Wood; POM.
Forged Knife Line 1300. Handles: POM.
Butcher's Knife Line 2200. Handles: Walnut Wood.
Household Knife Line 2700. Handles: PPN.
Household Knife Line 2710. Handles: PPN.
Household Knife Line 2720 "SIMPLE". Handles: PPN.
Household Knife Line 2730. Handles: PPN.
Household Knife Line 2740. Handles: Impact resistible polystyroll, Rubber
Household Knife Line 2750. Handles: PPN
Household Knife Line 2800. Handles: POM; Wood.
Butcher's Knife Line 2900. Handles: Impact resistible polystyroll, Rubber.
Butcher's Knife Line 3000. Handles: PPN.
Butcher's Knife Line 4000. Handles: PPN.
Knife Line 6000 - SLICERS. Handles: PPN.
Knife Line 6010 - SLICERS. Handles: Impact resistible polystyroll, Rubber.
Baker's-Pastry-Cook's Knife Line 7000. Handles: PPN.
Household Knife Line "SPAIN". Handles: Polywood.
Fruit and Vegetable Knife Line "MINI". Handles: Wood; PPN.
Hunting Knife Line "HUNTER". Handles: Wood; Antler.
Sharpening Steels
Line Sharpening Steels. Handles: Wood; PPN; Polywood.
Cleavers Line 9110. Handles: POM; Scalded Beech Wood.
Cleavers Line 9210. Handles: POM; Scalded Beech Wood.
Line Cleavers. Handles: POM; Scalded Beech Wood; PPN.
Knife Logs
Fruit and Vegetable Knife Loq 901
Fruit and vegetable Knife Loq 903
Kitchen Knife Loqs: 904; 9041
Kitchen Knife Loqs: 9042; 9043
Kitchen Knife Loqs: 9044; 9045
Kitchen Knife Loqs: 909; 911
Knife Sets
Fruit and Vegetable Knife Sets: 99, 100, 364, 365, 175
Butcher's Knife Sets: 224, 225, 370, 371, 372, 397
Kitchen Knife Sets: 539, 552, 557, 558, 586, 571
Cutlery Lines: "Trapezitza", "Arbanassi", "Sun", "Euro","Lilia"
Cutlery Services Sets: Children's,"Euro"
Cutlery Special Sets: Pizza Set, Steak Set, Dessert Set,Knife and Meat Fork Set
Pins, Tongs, Scissors, Shears, Pallets and Spatulas
Pins and Tongs Scissors and Shears Pallets Spatulas